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Clinical Ethics Forum

5 March 2024
(Ends 5 March 2024)
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Join the Clinical Ethics Forum for a lively discussion about clinical ethics cases encountered by healthcare providers across the Province.

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  • Funding Opportunity Announcement: NIH Streamlining mental health interventions for youth living with HIV in Low- and Middle-Income Countries ​


    Funder's Application Deadline: 12 August 2023

    There is a practical need to develop streamlined versions of mental health interventions for youth living with HIV (YLWH) that can be feasibly implemented and scaled up in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The purpose of this R01 Research Project Grant is to use novel methods to streamline evidence-based mental health interventions for YLWH so that they require fewer resources to deliver while still leading to clinically meaningful improvements in mental health and HIV outcomes.  
    All research should focus on streamlining an existing, evidence-based mental health intervention. Initial work may be proposed to tailor the intervention to YLWH within their specific cultural context, to ensure cultural relevance, and to add a retention in HIV care and/or medication adherence counselling component.

    Award details:  

    • Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. 
    • Maximum project period is 5 years. 

    Please read the full announcement here.

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement: NIH Multidisciplinary Studies of HIV/AIDS and Ageing (RO1/R21)


    This R01 Research Project Grant (PAR-24-091) and R21 Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant (PAR-24-092) invites applications at the intersection of HIV and ageing by proposing research that aims to meet the following objectives: 

    • Improve the understanding of biological, clinical, and socio-behavioural aspects of aging through the lens of HIV infection and its treatment; and 
    • Improve approaches for testing, preventing, and treating HIV infection, and managing HIV-related comorbidities, co-infections, and complications in different populations and cultural settings by applying current aging science approaches. 

    Award details:  

    • R01 Research Project Grant  
      • Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.  
      • Maximum project period is 5 years. 
    • R21 Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant
      • Combined budget for direct costs for the two-year project period may not exceed $275,000. No more than $200,000 may be requested in any single year. 
      • Maximum project period is 2 years. 

    Funder Deadlines:   

    • General Applications: 
      • R01- 05 June 2024 
      • R21- 16 June 2024 
    • AIDS-related applications: 07 September 2024 

    Please read the full announcement here.

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement:  Wellcome Trust Awards 


    The Wellcome Trust seeks to fund researchers addressing important questions relating to life, health, and wellbeing, with creative approaches that push boundaries. Applications are requested from researchers through innovative projects, that will deliver shifts in understanding that could improve human life, health, and wellbeing.  
    Two grant schemes are available: 

    • Early-Career Awards scheme, for researchers ready to develop their research identity 
    • Career Development Awards scheme, for researchers with the potential to be international research leaders 

    Research proposals may be in any discipline - including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), experimental medicine, humanities and social science, clinical/allied health sciences, and public health - as long as it has the potential to improve human life, health and wellbeing, and aligns with the Wellcome Trust’s funding remit.  
    Award details:   

    • Early-Career Awards scheme:  
      • ​​Grants are available for up to five years and applicants may request salary and up to £400,000 for research expenses. 
    • ​Career Development Awards scheme: 
      • ​Grants are available for up to eight years and applicants may request salary (if required) and the resources required for their research programme. 

    Funder deadlines (3 deadlines per year)
    Early-Career Award: 15 February, 21 May & October 2024 
    Career Development Award: 11 April, 25 July & November 2024 

    Please find the full call for the Early-Career Award opportunity here, and for the Career Development Award opportunity here.