The FHS Research Finance team are responsible for Financial Administration, Monitoring and Reporting of all Faculty Research Finance activities, including:

  • Budget Proposals - Review and approve all budget proposals, ensuring the cost to the Faculty and University is recovered (Full Cost Recovery)
  • Reporting - to researchers, the University's administration and to external sponsors
  • Research Funds - Approve requests to open and close funds and monitor the management of these funds for the faculty
  • Engagement - Maintain a liaison with sponsors on procedural and financial matters and communicates requirements to researchers and the departmental administration staff
  • Audit Function - Provide an audit function to ensure adherence to the University policies and to financial policies imposed by government departments, funding agencies and industry partners

Escalation Process:

research finance escalation process


Research Finance Team
generic avatar

Salie Nassiep


Research Finance Manager
generic avatar

Beverly Vicars


Research Management Accountant (Faculty Office Research Grants & Finance (RG&F))
generic avatar

Darren Meyer


Research Management Accountant(Pre-awards, IDM, Public Health, Human Biology (excl Sport Sciences), Pathology, IBMS)
generic avatar

Rukshana Champion


Research Management Accountant(OMB, RX)
generic avatar

Karen Kuhrau


Assistant Research Management Accountant(Campus Research: IDM)
generic avatar

Roozia Fakier


Assistant Research Management Accountant(Campus Research: IDM, Pathology, Integrated Biomedical Sciences)
generic avatar

Liezel Mampies


Assistant Research Management Accountant(Campus Research:Public Health & Family Medicine, Human Biology (excl. Sport Sciences)
generic avatar

Joy Joachims


Assistant Research Management Accountant(Campus Research:Pre-awards)


Research Finance Officer(OMB & RX:)