Faculty Research Committee

The University requires each Faculty to have a Faculty Research Committee (FRC), which is chaired by the Faculty’s Deputy Dean for Research. The FRC has dual reporting responsibilities to the Faculty Board and to the University Research Committee. The main purpose of the FRC is to promote and facilitate research in the Faculty of Health Sciences in accordance with the Faculty’s research strategy, guiding research capacity development and advising on allocation of resources, and thereby contributing to the Faculty’s overall mission.


Prof Sharon Prince

(Deputy Dean Research)

Carlette Hlungwani

Research Intelligence Manager

Committee contact: research.health@uct.ac.za

Dr Alistair Hunter Radiation Medicine
Prof Bruce Biccard Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
Dr Christine Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Prof Jo-Ann Passmore Pathology
A/Prof Maritz Laubscher Surgery
Prof Darrin Martin Integrative Biomedical Sciences
Prof Jacqueline Van Wyk Health Sciences Education
A/Prof Nastassja Koen  Psychiatry and Mental Health
Dr Tammy Phillips Public Health
A/Prof Jonny Peter Medicine
Prof Dave le Roux Paediatrics and Child Health
A/Prof Victoria Gibbon Human Biology
Dr Tracey Adams Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Colleen Saunders Family, Community and Emergency Care (FaCE)
Prof Valerie Mizrahi IDM
Selisha Naidoo - DRC: Research Equipment IDM
Ex officio members
Dr Blessing Silaigwana Research Diligence Manager
Prof Chris Scott Clinical Research Centre
Prof Digby Warner Faculty Biosafety Committee
Prof Graham Louw Animal Ethics Committee
Assoc Prof Lillian Artz SFARS representative
Assoc Prof Lionel Green-Thompson Dean: Health Sciences
Dr Linda Mtwisha Executive Director: Research Office
Prof Marc Blockman Human Research Ethics Committee
Salie Nassiep Research Management Accountant
Prof Sue Harrison DVC: Research Innovation
Dr Yolande Harley Director of Research
Zaida Sherry Faculty Finance Manager
Dr Zulfa Abrahams Research Development Manager
Dr Stuart More  Transformation Equity Committee