Reunion Report

Twenty of our graduating class of 1965 and their partners from around the world (Canada, Australia, USA, Zimbabwe, and Natal)  started off the weekend on Friday afternoon by joining one or more of a variety of tours (the Heart Museum, Red Cross Childrens Hospital and the New Pathology Learning Centre at the Old Mortuary, Medical School).

At the Dean’s Cocktail Party that evening in the IDM building, we were joined by some of our much admired tutors - Sid Cywes, Cathy Caavadas, Martin Shelton and Cecil Craig – and were able to begin in earnest the pleasures of reminiscing, and enjoying being brought up to date with our colleagues and teachers.

The Dean, Greg Hussey, thanked us all for our support and provided an informative outline on recent changes and challenges facing the University and the Medical school in the current turbulent climate. He also outlined the significant leadership achievements in Research in the University and Medical School, in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and in clinical work at the Medical School, the teaching hospitals and the satellites.

Academic Breakfast Meeting

On Saturday morning we gathered for an academic breakfast meeting at the Mac Club. A wonderfully interactve morning was spent with some formal presentations (Solly Epstein, Arthur Helman, Solly Benatar and Dave Beatty) and informal talks (Tony Robertson, Andy Hillock, Joe Skowno, Ian Whitton, Adam Omar and Phil Gordon). Most moving were the tributes and remembrances paid to class members who had died: Sorel Morris (by Areti Philotheou), Colin Sinclair Smith, Justin Passwell, Gill Dawson and others.

Ashley Robbins, who had graduated a few years ahead of us entertained us with a slide show and talk capturing the 60’s medical school and our teachers.

The Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner was hosted in the Smuts Hall Upper Common Room. The evening was perfect - with twinkling vistas of greater Cape Town stretching out beneath us to the distant mountains, excellent catering and the elegance of the room arrangements. We were very delighted that Cato van Wyk joined us for pre-dinner drinks and our photograph.

Stuart Saunders and his wife Anita were our guests of honour and Stuart regaled us in style with a fine afterdinner speech. By this time everybody’s tongues had loosened and we were treated to a large number of impromptu talks.

Kirstenbosch Gardens

On Sunday morning, we met early at Kirstenbosch Gardens and were treated by Erica and Ardene Forder to a highly skilled, professional and informative tour of the Gardens followed by lunch at the restaurant. 

Our numbers were disappointingly small and this was in part due to the retirement of Joan Tuff the previous year and a delay in getting the transition underway, coupled with new organisational challenges. 

Our small group had many opportunities to remember, reminisce and renew and the whole weekend was very enjoyable and memorable. It was great to catch up, to be reassured how little we  had changed and to remember absent friends.

A very special thank you to those that came from far afield - your presence made the whole reunion worthwhile.

Class Committee: Professors David Beatty and Solomon Benatar

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