To enable and support the process of transformation the Health Sciences Faculty has established various strategic structures and roles, which are seen as critical to overseeing, driving, implementing, monitoring and evaluating activities, programmes, and processes that work towards achieving the Faculty’s transformative goals, as described in the FHS Transformation Framework document.


Transformation and Equity Committee (TEC)

The F-TEC operates according to it’s terms of reference (TOR) as an advisory committee to address the following overall strategic goals: 

  • Making the faculty a representative institution in terms of its profile of academic and support staff, and of its student body. 
  • Developing a zero-tolerance to bullying, discrimination and harassment, especially sexual and gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Promote an engaging Faculty culture which enables student and staff wellness by supporting decolonisation and developing mutually beneficial accountable mentorship
  • Facilitating transformative staff and student recruitment, staff retention and development

The vision of the FHS is to facilitate the transformation process within the Faculty and to create a sustainable set of changes in culture and policies.

Specific areas in which the F-TEC activities are organised, include: 

  • Student Wellness
  • Staff Wellness
  • Faculty Culture
  • Employment Equity


F-TEC 2022 Committee Members

Committee Members  


Natashia Muna  

Health Sciences Education; Co-chair 

Olufunke Alaba 

Public Health & Family Medicine; Co-chair 


FHS Transformation Coordinator 

Siv Greyson 

GBV Advocate 


Servicing Officer 

Collet Dandara  

IIDMM; Invited 

Lillian Artz 

Gender Health and Justice Unit; Invited 

Richard Naidoo 

Pathology; Invited 

Pumza Nongena 

SLAO-AC; Invited 

Feryal Adams 


Caitlin Davids 


Moses Isiagi 

Postgraduate Rep 


Postdoctoral Rep 

Cheryl Wyngard 

Anaesthesia & Preoperative Medicine 

Taahira Goolam Hoosen 

Health Science Education 

Lucretia Petersen 

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 

Tinashe Mustsvangwa 

Human Biology 

Christel de Beer 

Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine  

Muki Shey 

Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine 

Fezile Khumalo 

Integrative Biomedical Sciences 

Sipho Dlamini 


Nomonde Mbatani 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

Aneesa Vanker  

Paediatrics and Child Health 

Jai Jayakumar 


Nyari Chigorimbo-Tsikiwa 


Itumeleng Ntatamala 

Public Health and Family Medicine 

Carmelita Sylvester 

Public Health and Family Medicine 

Ereshia Benjamin 

Psychiatry and Mental Health 

Qonita Said-Hartely 

Radiation Medicine 

Stuart More 

Radiation Medicine 

Tshilidzi van der Lecq 

Surgery (Ophthalmology) 

Rodgers Manganyi 

Surgery (Cardiothoracic) 


Transformation Coordinator

Established in 2021, the role of the Transformation Coordinator is situated within the office of the Deputy Dean for Social Accountability and Transformation. The purpose of this position is to assist the Deanery to operationalize the strategic planning, implementation, overall management of Transformation Projects within FHS.


Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

The role of the PSC is both proactive and reactive. It includes promoting awareness of professional standards among staff and students, receiving allegations of unprofessional behaviour within the service-learning environment, and supporting and advising those who speak out against unprofessional behaviour. Read more