Faculty Operations

Faculty Operations at Health Sciences offer the following services to staff and students:

Health Sciences Transport Services

The Faculty of Health Sciences has a dedicated transport services for undergraduate students who is required to perform clinical training at various off-campus learning sites.

This service is provided on a daily basis from the Health Science Faculty to 109 off-campus learning site around the Western Cape Metropole. For this service students are required to request transport in advance by booking their transport on Vula before the closing date which is: every Wednesday at midnight for the following week's transport needs.

In addition to the daily services, students are also collected from District Hospitals after hours and over weekends. For this service, students can request transport by sending an SMS or Whatsapp to 078 965 8408 before 12h00 noon on the day they require transport, and for weekend requests the message must be sent on Fridays before 12h00 noon.

A 'No booking - No transport' rule applies.



Leon Ziervogel

+27 (0) 21 406 6345 / +27 (0) 72 387 4843


Parking at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences has 429 parking bays available for staff and students. The allocation and regulation of these bays is governed by the University parking policy to ensure equity and fairness. All applicants compete annually for parking in a certain category by applying for a parking disc. This is done by completing a TA01 application form at the beginning of each year and submitting the form to UCT Traffic for consideration.




+27 (0) 21 6503312/3

Parking at Groote Schuur Hospital

In addition to 429 parking bays, the Faculty of Health Science is allocated 110 parking bays by the Groote Schuur Hospital Facilities Department, for UCT staff working on the GSH precint. Similar to the parking on the Health Sciences campus, staff compete annually for parking by completing a GSH Parking Application form and submitting the completed form to Faculty Operations for consideration. Applications for parking closes end of February every year.



Reece Brooks


+27 (0) 21 406 6638 / +27 (0) 83 643 2328

Faculty Venues

The Space co-ordinator and three Venue supervisors manage this operation. The three Venue supervisors render support to fifty-one teaching venues on the Health Science Campus. They are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the teaching venues are set up and ready for teaching
  • Locking and unlocking of teaching venues
  • Perform daily equipment checks in venues to ensure audio visual equipment is functional
  • Reporting on maintenance issues in the teaching venues
  • Ensure Teaching venues are stocked with the necessary consumables
  • Setting up of portable equipment and venues
  • Swap-out faulty equipment.
  • Arrange for the repair to faulty equipment
  • Consult with Vendors for new & repair of equipment
  • Provide assistance, advice, and guidance to Academics

Health Sciences Venue Bookings

The Space Coordinator assigns venues for teaching, conferences, seminars, ad hoc and inaugural lectures. Requests for a venue are either made through the scheduling of class process, or an ad-hoc request. A total of approximately five thousand requests are processed annually.



Carin Liebenberg


+27 (0) 21 404 7632 / +27 (0) 73 858 7998

Health Sciences Campus Safety

Campus Protection Services (CPS) is in charge of the safety and security of UCT, and its students and staff. To ensure the safety of staff and student on all campuses they use a four-pronged approach and on the Faculty of Health Sciences campus they work closely with Faculty Operations.

  • Presence: Uniformed staff patrol the campus on foot and in vehicles, and their presence acts as a positive deterrent against criminals.
  • Engineering: Equipment installed to enhance security includes fencing, gates, and closed-circuit television (CCTV).
  • Education: Meetings and workshops are held with students and staff to create awareness of security issues and provide advice on how to deal with various situations.
  • Enforcement: In extraordinary circumstances CPS will take whatever appropriate action is necessary to maintain order and security on campus

CPS 24-hour hotline number is +27 (0) 21 650 2222/3

Health Sciences Campus Custodial Services

Custodial services within the UCT Properties and Services department are responsible for the cleaning of all areas throughout the university with the exception of residences, and areas that need specialised cleaning, such as certain laboratories. Faculty Operations facilitates this services within the faculty and work closely with the custodial services team. Their services cover:

  • cleaning of offices, administration areas, kitchens, and ablution areas
  • cleaning of teaching venues
  • setting up venues for tests, exams, and other functions e.g., graduation ceremonies
  • assisting at graduations
  • daily removal of litter from the campus offices and public areas.



Yolanda Hartman or Ashvin Buffel



+27 (0) 21 650 2464 / 2463