SAfm interview with Dr Kelley Moult, co-author of book "Hard Time(s): Women’s Pathways to Crime and Incarceration"

On Women's day, SAfm's Otherwise Show looked at the state of female prisoners. Shado Twala interviewed Dr Kelley Moult on the research undertaken on the book published by the Gender, Health & Justice Research Unit. The book "Hard Time(s): Women’s Pathways to Crime and Incarceration" was co-authored by Lillian Artz, Yonina Hoffman-Wanderer & Dr Kelley Moult.


A 567 CapeTalk interview with Prof Graham Louw from the Department of Human Biology
Bodies donated to UCT's anatomy laboratory for dissection by second-year medical students, are a vital part of medical education as it contributes to the training of tomorrow’s doctors and other health care professionals.

The Voice of the Cape Interview with Professor Allan Taylor from the Division of Neurosurgery

A previous patient of Professor Allan Taylor, Phillip Hoole was interviewed about his cerebral bleed surgery 10 years ago and why he decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his surgery with the team that saved his life. Professor Taylor, who was part of the surgical team, explained what cerebral bleed surgery is and what the operation entails.

Donating one's body to science
A 567 CapeTalk interview with Professor Graham Louw


567 CapeTalk radio station had a Bucket List feature where some listeners mentioned “donating their body to science” as their last item on their list. Professor Graham Louw from the Department of Human Biology was invited to explain a bit more on how and where to do this.