The first stop for any non-academic challenges or issues undergraduate students may be facing is the Faculty's Student Development & Support Office (FHS SDSO).

This office is situated in:

Dean's Suite

Bernard Fuller Building,

Faculty of Health Sciences.

To contact the FHS SDSO, make use of the following contact details: 

  • or +27 (0) 21 406 6749. For confidential matters and access to psycho-social support in line with the following: general student wellness / non-academic challenges i.e. personal, adjustment issues, identity issues, health, family, bereavement, emergency financial support, access to mentors for senior students
  • or +27 (0) 21 650 7189. For general enquiries
  • Asandiswa Mhlauli or +27 (0) 21 650 5393. for queries about the following programmes:

Faculty of Health Sciences Keep Safe e-Handbook Undergraduate (2023 - 2024)

Mentoring Programme for First-Year Students

The first-year students’ Mentoring Programme is designed to assist first year students to adjust smoothly and transition to the University environment. All first-year students are assigned to mentors who are senior students (second and third year) within the same degree programme as them. A mentor is not a tutor, thus, academic assistance is handled in class or in tutorials by academic staff. A mentor is there for support, advice, information and referral.

Orientation Programme for First-Year Students

The first-year students’ orientation programme is designed to formally welcome all first-year students to the Health Sciences Faculty and the UCT community.

The Orientation Programme is a two-week event including but not limited to the welcome by the UCT Vice Chancellor, Faculty Dean, Student Orientation & Advocacy Office, UCT Sports, Student Wellness Service (SWS), Student representative Council (SRC) and Health Sciences Student Council (HSSC), Faculty academic staff, etc.  

The Orientation Programme exposes first year students to the various cultural and academic experiences of UCT while preparing them for an exciting road ahead as FHS/UCT students.

For First-Year Orientation related queries, please email:

Hepatitis B Vaccination for First-Year Students

Students engaging in clinical training are predisposed to Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection during their exposure to clinical cases and different procedures. Hence, these students have to undergo vaccination against Hepatitis B Virus before resuming their clinical training (contact with patients/clients), as they acquire good immune response with immune memory.

All first year students are required to undergo a mandatory Hepatitis B vaccination process. This process is administered by the Faculty during the first year of study. Students who fail to complete this process is not allowed to register for their second year of study.

Faculty-based students' funding opportunities for all FHS Undergraduate Students

The Faculty recognises that there are students with financial need in line with their tuition. In response to this, the Faculty has established in-house scholarships/bursaries. Students are invited to apply at standard intervals each year.