HSSC Committee 2022/2023

The year of resuscitation

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What is the HSSC?

  • Student governing body of ten registered undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester within that faculty, elected on an annual basis by undergraduate students.
  • Is entrusted with representing their student body on various faculty committees and structures, such as the Faculty Board and the Dean's Advisory Committee, and act as a liaison between students, professors, and staff members within their faculties.
  • Promote the interests of students within the faculties, primarily by organizing class or departmental representatives and developing settings that foster academic success, but also by launching projects in the areas of transformation, safety and well-being, and social responsiveness.

Communication chain

HSSC communications channel


Meet the Committee

Naledi Mohale - HSSC Chairperson 2023

Naledi Mohale

Overseeing the running of the HSSC, representing the HSSC and the students of the faculty to the greater UCT community and answering a lot of emails.

Word of the Day:
"Win the morning win the day. "

Bongumenzi Ndlovu - HSSC deputy chair

Bongumenzi Ndlovu
Deputy Chairperson

To represent the Chairperson in her absence and provide a helping hand where she needs assistance. Responsible for the interaction between the HSSC and societies, as well to promote inter-society collaboration.

Word of the Day:
"If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it, you'll get it!"

Sita Punwassi Secretary General HSSC

Sita Punwassi
Secretary General

Ensure effective operation of all HSSC meetings and events. Ensure effective and accurate records of meetings are kept and that they are published for transparency. Partake in decision making and offer advice and input regarding executive decisions in the body.

Word of the Day:
"Another day, another slay"

Hlumelo Lucas Treasurer HSSC

Hlumelo Lucas

To keep track of what's coming in and what's going out.

Word of the Day:
"Life is a movie and we’re all just watching "

Wandiswa Zondo Health & Rehab Officer

Wandiswa Zondo
Health & Rehabilitation Academic Officer

To bridge the gap between the Faculty Management and the students- ensuring transparency, address academic and even non-academic concerns and referring students to the appropriate platforms. Work in close relation with the Class reps for feedback from the class.

Word of the day:
"The best view comes after the hardest climb."

Oluga MBChB Officer HSSC

MBChB Academic Officer

Working with the faculty to continuously assess and enhance the MBChB courses. Ensuring that assistance is accessible and efficient to students. Keep track of the academic performance and also receive input from MBChB class reps about their courses. Works closely with the academic officer for the H&R programs in bridging the gap between the two fields.

Word of the day:
"Just because you’re taking longer than others doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Keep going. "

Nkululeko Kumanda Transformation officer HSSC

Nkululeko Kumanda
Transformation Officer

Ensuring that every student - irrespective of their background - feels safe on campus by providing a campus culture that is inclusive, warm, progressive, and importantly, conducive to learning and personal growth.

Word of the day:
"I am grateful for what I have, but eager for more."

Lesedi Sejeso

Lesedi Sejeso
Student Wellness & Outreach Representative

Student Empowerment - involved in prevention, early detection and treatment of all health and psychological conditions as well as the promotion of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The person students may talk to if they need support.

Word of the day:
"You didn’t come this far to be this far, keep going, you got this."

Asemahle Cakwebe  PR & Marketing Officer

Asemahle Cakwebe
Public Relations & Marketing Officer

The face of the HSSC! Relays communication between the HSSC, the faculty staff and students

Word of the day:
"Just DO it."

Amanda Hadebe - Sports & Entertainment Officer

Amanda Hadebe
Sports & Entertainment Officer

Make our faculty of health sciences campus experience memorable.

Word of the day:
"Opportunities don’t happen, you create them."