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UCT Student Societies

four students on a bench in from of the IDM building

There are more than 100 student societies and organisations at UCT, reflecting a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, cultural, social and political activities.

Membership of the societies allows you to enjoy activities on the university’s campuses that are not normally part of the academic life. Become part of a campus community that is stimulating and opens up new challenges and opportunities.

Each society is run by students and any current UCT student may be a member. Individual societies hold a number of events every year, including an annual general meeting that elects new leadership for the following year.

Societies are partially funded by the university and partially by the subscription fees that some of the societies charge.

During the annual orientation week, you can sign-up with the societies that interest you.

Community Service – SHAWCO

six health community workers in PPE masks and aprons stand arm to arm in front of a SHAWCO trailer

The Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) runs various health and education programmes. Approximately 2 000 UCT students are involved.

The community partnership and social entrepreneurship programmes, that address inequality, are managed by 32 full-time and 5 part-time professional staff.

Operating in the Western and Eastern Cape, the health programme provides primary healthcare to 5 000 adults and children (annually) close to their homes, with fully equipped mobile clinics.

The education programme gives academic support and homework assistance to 1 300 learners weekly with structured education projects that help improve the academic ability of learners.

Community Service – RAG

back of two students wearing RAG t-shirts

UCT RAG (Remember and Give), is the student fundraising sector of SHAWCO (Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation). RAG volunteers organise a number of student and corporate fundraising events each year, with all proceeds going to SHAWCO’s many community programmes.

Part of RAG’s role on campus is to build the skills of its members through internal development programmes, and through its various projects. RAG believes in supporting the UCT and Cape Town communities and strives to increase the amount of money donated to SHAWCO each year.

Students are encouraged to support RAG by attending its events and, early in the second half of the year to apply to join one of its committees.