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- CANSA Research Type A Funding Call 2023 

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has a Research Type A Funding opportunity available on a range of cancer control determinants, including those with a focus on public health, clinical and basic sciences. Projects will be funded with up to R1 million per year for three years. 


Funder Letter of Interest Deadline: 31 March 2023 

Invitations for submission of full proposals will be communicated by CANSA. 

Further detail for this opportunity can be found here


Please complete this FHS intention-to-submit form by 1 March 2023 if you intend applying for this call. Please note that completion of this form is for the purposes of internal support and tracking, it is not linked to funder application processes and does not commit you to applying to this opportunity.  

- Funding Opportunity: Wellcome Trust Mental Health Award

As part of their new strategic focus, Wellcome aims to drive a transformative change in the ability to intervene as early as possible in the course of anxiety and depression, broadly defined, in ways prioritised by the people who experience them. This work involves advancing scientific understanding of how brain, body and environment interact in the course and resolution of these conditions; finding new and improved ways to predict, identify, and stratify groups of people so that we can provide more timely and personalised interventions; and finding new and improved ways of intervening.

In this call, Wellcome aim to advance stratification in anxiety and/or depression, through funding further validation of promising biological, psychological, social, and digital markers, whether alone or in combination with observable or behavioural characteristics, with a goal to enable early identification of sub-groups and targeted treatment. Throughout the duration of the funding, Wellcome encourage collaboration between funded groups through engagement activities (for example webinars and workshops), to support external validation efforts, in order to foster the field of stratification in mental health research and support the building of a community of stakeholders from various settings.



  • The Lead Applicant must have:
    • The experience needed to drive a research programme
    • Experience of people and research management
    • Be able to commit at least 20% of their research time to the project
    • Have a permanent, open-ended or long-term rolling contract for the duration of the award, or guarantee of a salaried post, which is not conditional on receiving this award


Award details:

  • Grants are available for up to five years and applicants may request and up to £5 million.


Please adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Initiate an eRA preliminary proposal approval request and contact you Departmental Finance Officer at least 6 weeks before the funder deadline (i.e., no later than 26 April 2023)
  • eRA Finance Approver deadline: 24 May 2023
  • Preliminary Proposal Deadline: 7 June 2023 (17:00 BST)


For more information, click here.

- Advanced Computing Committee (ACC) Research Equipment Call 2023 - Faculty-prioritised Research Computer Grants

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for strategic research related computer equipment and software items (including implementation support e.g., specialised computing services) that are not covered in the conventional way by Faculty IT Equipment Committees


Deadline for submission to Faculty Computing/IT Committees: 31 May 2023


For more information please view the Grant Call document.


- UEC Research Equipment Call - 2023 Faculty-prioritised Large Equipment Grants

The University Equipment Committee seeks to advance, extend, and support the research equipment infrastructure of UCT in concert with the research strategies of UCT, the faculties and departments. 

Equipment may be defined as a facility or system that is used for research purposes and that provides experimental, analytical, processing, testing, measurement, storing, housing, preparation, performative or recording capabilities. The UEC considers applications for funding of either single, or multiple items of equipment which together constitute a coherent unit.

When dealing with an application which features multiple items, the UEC shall consider the coherence of the system being requested and may thus exclude applications which feature distinctly independent items. When dealing with applications that include computing facilities or software, the UEC shall consider the necessity of the items to drive or operate a coherent facility.

Deadline for submission to Faculty Equipment Committees(FEC) - 26 May 2023

For eligibility, application process and further information please read the grant call document.


- Funding Opportunity Announcement: VinFuture Prize

The VinFuture Prize Council is a global and diverse team of distinguished individuals from academia, research, and industry, globally renowned for their achievements and contributions in advancing human progress in the fields of science, technology, and industry. The vision for the VinFuture Prize is to catalyse meaningful change in people’s everyday lives through tangible and highly scalable improvements in areas such as productivity, prosperity, connectivity, health, safety, environment, sustainability, as well as their overall happiness regardless of socioeconomic status. 

VinFuture Prize recognizes fundamental advances in science and engineering that align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, including eradicating poverty and hunger, enhancing health and quality of life, promoting access to quality education, clean water, and renewable energy, reducing inequality, addressing climate change etc. 


Nomination process: 

  • VinFuture Prize welcomes nominations from reputable organizations such as universities, research institutes/centers, academies of science and technology, scientific associations/networks, corporations and industries, innovation incubators and from prominent individuals in related areas. 
  • No self-nominations are accepted.  
  • Both organizational/institutional nominators and individual nominators can submit their nominations for the VinFuture Prizes via the Online Submission Portal. 


Award details:  

  • The VinFuture Prize pledges US$4.5 million annually to reward breakthrough scientific research and technological innovations, including: 
  • One grand VinFuture Prize of US$3 million 
  • Three special VinFuture Prizes of US$500,000 each, dedicated to: 
  • Developing country innovators 
  • Female innovators 
  • Outstanding achievements in emerging fields 


Please adhere to the following deadlines: 

The deadline for 2023 nomination submission is Monday, May 15 at 9am 


For more information, click here.

- Announcement of NRF One Call for Proposals 2023 / 2024

Dear UCT Researchers,


The NRF has announced the opening of NRF One call for proposal applications. Please see the attached MS Word list for the NRF calls that are currently open, the internal deadlines and contact person per funding programme.


Please take note of the following:

  1. It is of utmost importance that applicants consult the Funding Framework for more detailed information about the funding instrument about the:
  • Purpose / theme(s) of the call
  • Eligibility criteria (contract staff must be employed at UCT for the duration of the funding period or provide a letter from the HoD)
  • Which budget items are funded/not.
  • Whether provision has been made for postdoctoral support.
  • Application review scorecard.
  1. The NRF PG student funding policy was revised w.e.f. 2021 and grant holder linked PG bursaries have been phased out. Students must apply directly to the NRF with your application reference number. The call usually opens in April – please check for the announcement from the PGFO.
  2. All applications must be submitted via the new NRF Connect system. Guides on how to register & sync your CV from the old system are available online here. See the attached PDF for how to import outputs from Scopus / ORCID.
  3. Applications submitted by the UCT internal deadline will receive review feedback. Proposals received after the UCT internal deadline will only receive technical review.



  1. Exporting Output records from NRF submission
  2. List of open calls, internal deadlines and contact persons


It is recommended that researchers check the current funding page regularly for up to date information about open funding calls-

- Funding Opportunity Announcement - NIH: Translational Research in Maternal and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks applications for Translational Research in Maternal and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (R01 Clinical Trial Optional; PAR-20-300 and R21 Clinical Trial Optional; PAR-23-131).


The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support translational and clinical research to improve safe and effective precision therapeutics for pregnant and lactating persons, fetuses, neonates, and children (including those with disabilities) by:

1. Advancing precision medicine in pregnant persons, lactating persons, and children through the development of novel tools, models, and other technologies that could have a direct clinical or health impact.

2. Enhancing the understanding of the underlying mechanisms of drug action, including the role of pediatric ontogeny and the dynamic physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and lactation.

3. Discovering and developing novel therapeutics or enhance the usage of existing drugs or drug repurposing for safer and more effective medications in pregnant and lactating persons, neonates, and children.


Award details:

R01 - Research Project Grant Program R21 - Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award
Grants are available for five years. Grants are available for up to two years and the combined budget for direct costs for the project period may not exceed  $275,000.

Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

No more than $200,000 may be requested in any single year



  R01 R21

PI to initiate an eRA proposal approval request and contact the Departmental Finance Officer no later than

24 April 2023 4 May 2023

Approver step on eRA no later than

24 May 2023 5 June 2023

PI to submit the application on ASSIST no later than

31 May 2023 12 June 2023

RC&I to action final submission on ASSIST no later than

5 June 2023 15 June 2023


For more information, click  here.

- Funding Opportunity Announcement - Cancer Grand Challenges

The Cancer Grand Challenges works with the global research community and people affected by cancer to identify the 

toughest challenges in cancer research, then dares interdisciplinary, world-class teams to take them on. Cancer Grand Challenges are intended to transform cancer research. This funding opportunity seeks applications that reflect this ambition. Therefore, proposals need to be bold, innovative solutions to the challenges below, and should include evidence that applicants have actively sought out new, perhaps unusual, collaborations, that will bring fresh thinking to these problems. Cancer Grand Challenges awards are not intended to fund research that would be fundable by other response-mode schemes and initiatives. 


Award details:  

International teams are invited to apply for up to $25m in funding. 


  • Once you have read the guidelines document, check your eligibility by completing the pre-submission questionnaire.  Once your eligibility has been established, an Expression of Interest (EOI) application form will be opened for you. 
  • Applying for this funding opportunity involves the PI completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) application on the funder portal (Flexi-Grant) as well as requesting institutional approval via UCT’s electronic Research Administration (eRA) system, prior to submission of the application.  

  • PI to initiate an eRA proposal approval request and contact the Departmental Finance Officer no later than: 11 May 2023 

  • PI to submit a proposal approval request to the Finance Approver step on eRA no later than: 12 June 2023 

  • Deadline for proposal approval request to reach the RC&I step on eRA: 19 June 2023  

  • Funder deadline for submission of Expression of Interest (EOI): 22 June 2023 


For more information, click here.