Invitation to FHS Staff to contribute chapters: Biomedical Visualization book volume published by Springer Nature

23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024

Dear FHS Staff,

I am editor for the 2025 volume of Biomedical Visualization, which is published by Springer International Publishing (copyright holder Springer Nature Switzerland AG). The Series Editor is Paul Rea, Professor of Digital and Anatomical Education at the University of Glasgow. The broad theme of this volume is - visualization and visualization in science, and will encapsulate how we have merged science and imaging and now convey complex biomedical information into something more meaningful by visual means. You can of course write with a number of authors of your choosing. Just to let you know that the writing needs to be referenced. Your chapter can encompass work in image analysis, workflow methodologies, photogrammetry in science, animations, digital reconstructions and applications, big data and visualisations, educational methodologies, comics, Graphic Medicine, usability and evaluations, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D and 4D technologies, including 3D printing, as well as informatics, e-tutorials, MOOCs, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and public engagement. It can be from macroscopic to microscopic and show how we can view data and information related to the biomedical field in a much more accessible, innovative and engaging way using technology. It can also be related to the arts and humanities linked to science and how we look at the human body and related body processes. In addition, I would like to include chapters which encapsulate visualization in the Medical Humanities and even chapters which cover medicine and anatomy visualisation in bygone eras. The scope as you can see, is rather broad and really related to visualisation in the biomedical and related fields including medicine, dentistry, veterinary surgery, computing and the allied health professions. It is at the junctions between technology, science and the arts.

Your chapter can encompass original research or be a review of the literature related to current, new and emerging technologies in biomedical visualisation, HCI/HCT and informatics.

I have attached Biomedical Visualization volume 2 for your interest.

Can you let me know as soon as possible if this is something you would be interested in, and send over your outline too. Your chapter should be a Minimum 8000 words (there is no maximum), excluding images and references, Font size 12, Times New Roman. If you are interested, can you send me a 1-page proposal by 4 May 2024, giving a brief overview of your chapter. 1. Minimum 8000 words long, 1.5 spacing, excluding images and references, Font size 12, Times New Roman 2. References in the Harvard style, with in-text written stations (not numbering) 3. The Basic Style reference system is to be used (refer to the Key Style document attached, p9.) 4. The final chapter should be sent in word doc format, or online format. 5. Images should be labelled throughout as Fig 1, Fig 2 etc 6. Send over the images as separate TIFF or JPEG files saved as Fig 1, Fig 2 etc 7. Abstract is required at the start, with up to 6 key words 8. The Consent to Publish should be returned when submitting the final chapter 9. I would need to receive everything by 25 February 2025, including names, affiliations and contact email addresses of all authors. Let me know if that timing works. 10. When published, you will receive a complimentary physical copy of the book. You will find answers to any other editing/formatting question here: Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Leonard Shapiro Honorary Lecturer Dept of Family, Community and Emergency Care (FaCE)