World Cancer Day

02 Feb 2024
World Cancer Day
02 Feb 2024

Half of the world’s population lacks access to the full range of essential health services. When it comes to cancer, many of are denied basic care, even though we live in a time of major advancements in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This is the equity gap - and it’s costing lives.

By implementing resource-appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection, treatment and care, millions of lives can be saved. 

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the organiser of World Cancer Day, encourages everyone to ask their governments to improve health equity, make it easier for all populations to enjoy affordable and accessible cancer services, and reduce disparities in cancer incidence and mortality. 

Some examples of key actions that governments can take include:

  • Increase funding for cancer research  
  • Develop a population-based cancer registry
  • Implement an effective national cancer strategy
  • Take measurable action towards universal health coverage
  • Improve education around cancer
  • Strictly regulate the production, sales and marketing of tobacco, alcohol and other carcinogenic products
  • Implement routine screening programmes for common cancers
  • Foster patient-centred care
  • Address the systemic social determinants of health 

Please click on the below link to add your voice to the Call to Action in honor of World Cancer Day! 


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