Call for applications: FHS Research Transformation Awards 2023

19 May 2023
19 May 2023

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Faculty Research Committee (FRC) has committed R500,000 to support research transformation awards that will promote transformation in the Faculty through research and/or promote transformation in the way we do research in the Faculty. The UCT FHS Transformation Framework, describes transformation as “the process of creating an environment based on inclusivity and diversity, equal opportunity, justice and community through supported development”. 


Award details: 


These are once-off awards open to applications from academic and PASS staff members in the FHS, on soft-funded or GOB conditions of employment, and in T1, T2 or permanent positions. FHS postdoctoral fellows may also apply, but would need the staff member who hosts them in the Faculty to support their application and receive the award into their research fund on behalf of the fellow. 

Award information:

The intention of these awards is to promote transformation in the Faculty through research and/or promote transformation in the way we do research in the Faculty. Applicants should read the UCT FHS Transformation Framework, which provides a resource for research units, divisions, departments and institutes within the Faculty, and aligns itself with the transformation goals of the University of Cape Town. Proposals should highlight which aspect(s) of the framework their proposed work addresses and/or how it helps transformation beyond the framework. The remit is purposefully broad to encourage creative approaches. Examples of topics include, but are certainly not limited to: 

  • A research-related training course that improves barriers to access (see Transformation Framework section 4.2 and 4.4) 

  • Skills development in articulating contributions to science to improve competitiveness for grants and for career progression (see Transformation Framework section 4.2) 

  • Solutions to improve access to collaborators, data sets or samples for early- or mid-career researchers not well integrated into research networks (see Transformation Framework section 4.4) 

  • A seminar series on unconscious bias in research (see Transformation Framework section 4.2 and 4.4) 

  • Research-related community outreach, education or engagement (see Transformation Framework section 4.6) 

  • Initiatives that improve inclusivity in understanding or accessing research, such as translation of research-related materials into indigenous languages or visual ‘explanations’ of research for community dissemination (see Transformation Framework section 4.6) 

Ask yourself: Where have you seen barriers to transformation in research and how could this be tackled? 


Value and Allowable Costs:

There is a total of R500k available for this funding scheme and there are two categories of awards that applicants can apply for: 

  • Category 1: Awards of up to R100k each with smaller requests welcomed – total available R400k 

  • Category 2: Awards of up to R20k each with smaller requests welcomed – total available R100k (examples could include funds to translate a document into the language of the indigenous population group the work was conducted with; adaptation of a document into lay accessible material; funds for inclusive engagement with community or other stakeholders before commencing a project) 

Any costs that are justifiable as part of the project will be considered except for laptops, conference travel and student bursaries. Duration of the funding will be up to 12 months maximum and must commence by 31 August 2023. A final report will be expected at the completion of the project or at 12 months (whichever comes first). Applicants that are successful are encouraged, where appropriate, to write up the work done through these transformation awards for publication. 


Submission process and review: 

Application Submission:

Applications must be completed on the Application form and must be sent as a single pdf file by email to by the submission deadline of 15th June 2023. 



All applications will be reviewed by a panel convened by the FRC, with an estimated outcome of 13th July 2023.