The South African Medical Students' Association (SAMSA) is a national body of medical students that works for medical students, with links to global health initiatives.

We represent medical students nationally and have international affiliations as part of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), which has about one million members, meaning that we interact with global health at international conferences.

SAMSA provides students opportunities, together with organisations like the IFMSA, JuDASA, PHM and SAMA, under four pillars: student representation, collaboration, outreach, and professional development and assistance.

The UCT branch is a founding member organisation focussed on networking and student advocacy. Beyond the experiences the society forwards to all members, we host regular MedCafe discussions about issues influencing medical students and doctors including health policy, social concerns, internship and public health, as well as social activities to keep medical school calm and enjoyable.