Notice for MBChB Teaching Staff Years 4 -6 - Multifactor Authentication now on Vula as well.

23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024

Dear all 

As communicated in 2023, ICTS has enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) to boost the security of UCT accounts and online services. The last service/platform that has now moved over to MFA is Vula. We note the additional complexities MFA raises, especially for online assessments - whether on Vula or Amathuba. 

If convenors can proactively encourage students to embrace MFA, emphasising preparedness, charging their phones, doing timely SIM swaps, and visiting ICTS for number changes. Furthermore, we are promoting adopting the Microsoft Authenticator app, which offers an alternative to SMS, functioning seamlessly even without Wi-Fi. 

If a student, for one of many valid reasons, does not have access to their cell phone before an assessment, the computer lab administrator at HealthLab can assist them. They do need to show their student card / ID and will be issued a temporary code.   

We are cognizant of the myriad variables that can influence the smooth execution of online assessments, ranging from load-shedding to network reliability. Our strategy is to be as prepared as possible for these eventualities. 

Some general notes about MFA from ICTS: 

  • Suppose you are only using the authentication app. In that case, we highly recommend adding your phone number as a backup, because if you experience unexpected issues with the app – e.g., you accidentally delete it – you will not be able to set it up again yourself (as you won't be able to authenticate). You will then need to contact the IT Helpdesk (during office hours) and verify your identity before the issue can be resolved. Adding your phone number bypasses this hassle, as you can authenticate via the SMS code sent to your number. 

  • To learn more about MFA at UCT, please read the following articles on the ICTS website: Basic information: Multi-factor authentication at UCT. Common questions: Multi-factor authentication FAQs 

  • You can also follow these recommendations to manage your accounts securely. 


If you require assistance with multi-factor authentication, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk

For assessment-related queries, contact the EDU Helpdesk  


Best regards 

Gregory Doyle

(EDUTech Manager)