International Pride Month - FAQ's

01 Jun 2023
International Pride Month FAQ's 2023
01 Jun 2023

Dear Staff and Student colleagues,  
You are invited to view an International Pride Month FAQ presented by FHS Transformation.   
This has been created in honour of Pride Month taking place internationally in the month of June. Please note that the Faculty of Health Sciences will officially be celebrating South African Pride Month, which occurs annually, in October. This will provide an opportunity to unpack specific South African and broader African histories and issues as well as celebrate South African activists and their accomplishments, in line with UCT’s transformation pillar of ‘owning our African identity’. More information will follow during the month regarding identity and allyship, so keep an eye out! We wish you a fruitful and colourful International Pride Month!   
While celebrating International Pride Month, we hold in our hearts many of our LGBTQIA+ siblings across the world whose human rights remain in jeopardy. We pay tribute to those who gave birth to this movement, while we acknowledge that not all LGBTQIA+ people, at home and abroad, are free to celebrate themselves and their loved ones. Their struggle is our struggle.   
Queer Regards,  
Chanté Arab  
Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate