Dates: start date 8 February 2024 to 19 September 2024
Venue: contact teaching and e-learning 
Time: refer to full programme

Final Written Examination: 8 October 2024

 Day Release Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing 
 E-Learning Release Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing

Course fee is
R 27, 000.00 (Inclusive of VAT)
• A non-refundable deposit of R1000 payable on registration
• The balance of R26, 000.00 is payable by 29 March 2024

This course is open to all professional and enrolled nurses currently registered with the South African Nursing Council.
It is recommended that the blended e-learning student have access to computers and is computer literate.

Course content:

Course work is divided into 4 modules.

  • Module 1: Principles and practice of palliative care.
  • Module 2: Theory and practice of symptom control.
  • Module 3: Communication skills in palliative care.
  • Module 4: Theory and practice of psychosocial, spiritual and supportive care.

In order to receive a certificate of competence learners need to meet the following requirements:

Contact sessions and on-line learning

• Attend 3 contact sessions at a hospice training centre.
o One full day of orientation. If unable to attend orientation day, alternative arrangements will be made to communicate via skype or teleconferencing.
o One compulsory oral assessment OSCE at the nearest Centre of Palliative Care Learning by arrangement with the student's Educator.
o One compulsory day of final summative exam.
• Must engage in a minimum of 80% of all forum discussions on-line according to each of the four modules.
(The course content will be available on-line and the learners will receive hard copy manuals (1-4), an assessment guide and a workplace task booklet.)

Clinical Work

  • 60 hours of clinical work must be completed at approved sites. These hours are in addition to the contact and on-line learning time. (Learners are advised to discuss this with their employers.)

Learner assessments

  • Assessment of learning is integrated into the course.
  • Assignments are submitted to Nurse Educators electronically, by mail or by hand where feasible.

Workplace tasks

  • Learners are required to complete prescribed palliative nursing tasks within their own work environment

Communication assessment

  • A role play interview is used to assess communication skills and attitudes.

Final written examination

  • This is an examination conducted nationally.
  • Learners must successfully complete prescribed minimum standards in order to write the examination.

For more information or to register email