The unit is permanently staffed by at least one doctor on the premises as well as a highly experienced paediatric orientated nursing staff: at day time there are 2 professional nurses in the resuscitation room as well as 2 professional nurses in the ward, assisted by 3 enrolled nurses or assistant nurses. At night time there is one professional nurse available, she is then assisted by 4 enrolled nurses or assistant nurses. A radiographer is also permanently on the premises.

Medical staff

3 Consultants:

  • 1 General Surgery (Departmental Head)
  • 2 Orthopaedic Surgery

6 Registrars:

  • 2 General Surgery
  • 3 Orthopaedic Surgery
  • 1 Emergency Medicine

1 Medical Officer 11 Professional Nurses 8 Enrolled nurses 8 Auxiliary nurses 1 Radiographer 1 Physiotherapist (part time) 1 Social worker (part time) 1 Porter 1 Secretary 4 General assistants


  • Resuscitation and treatment room:
  • 2 resuscitation patients
  • 2 stretcher patients
  • Lodox®-System
  • X-ray dept. immediately next to the Trauma Unit on the same floor. (Equipped with radiographic tube, mobile X-ray machine and daylight development system)
  • Resuscitation room
  • Admission High Care ward (10 beds)
  • Two operating theatres

There is close co-operation with several other specialities like paediatric orthopaedic-, neurosurgical- and general surgical departments. We also work closely together with departments such as paediatric plastic surgery, urology, ENT and ophthalmology, but they are not involved in the day-to-day running of the Unit.