MMED/MPhil/PhD Process Guideline


1.  Do you have a research project in mind? 

2.  Identify a Supervisor and obtain a commitment.

3.    Write a research proposal & synopsis
        a)    Write research proposal according to structure in Form FHS015 (consult FHS015hlp)
        b)    Write synopsis according to structure in Form FHS014

4.    Obtain Departmental Research Committee (DRC) approval

4.1  Submit the following application pack to DRC, for approval:

  • Proposal

  • Synopsis

  • If applicable, a hard copy of the budget should be included in the submission and if applicable, a contract should be submitted.

  • Form FHS 013 (HREC new protocol application form)

  • If funding is involved, the form FHS002 (previously C1 clearance) .  Note: From 1 February 2014, only the  PDF FHS002 (C1) e-form may be used. The electronic form is directly submitted to Faculty Finance

  • 1 x hard copy of cover letter addressed to the Departmental Research Committee Chair Assoc Prof Brenda Morrow of which researchers are to please include 2 to 4 suggestions for reviewers
    [NB: reviewers cannot be someone involved in this study].  Note:  The DRC Chair allocates reviewers and may choose other people than those recommended by the PI.  Please note that anonymity between PI and reviewer should be maintained.

 4.2    Obtain Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval

Following approval by DRC, submit the above application pack, including approval letter of DRC, to HREC. Submit under Category 2 for expedited review.

Deliver forms to Lamees Emjedi ( in E52 Old Main Building, Groote Schuur Hospital. HREC sit monthly and approval usually takes between 4 – 8 weeks, depending on issues that arise.

HREC issues a letter granting ethics approval with a unique reference number that must be quoted in future correspondence.

2.4.4    Obtain approval from Hospital Administration and/or regional DoH (if applicable)
            1.  Research Requirements

            2.  Research Proposal Summary

2.4.5    Obtain approval of research proposal by Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB) Following HREC approval, submit the following to
            Adri Winckler ( at the postgraduate office, for approval by the DDB Chair:

  • HREC approval letter
  • Form D1 + D3 (Approval of study proposal form)
  •  HREC approved research protocol

Click here for the latest available forms. 

Submission must be made prior to commencement of research and not later than 6- months after registration.