Palliative Care for Children South Africa (PatchSA) is a national NGO that aims to share specialised knowledge, tools, resources and opportunities to ensure the best possible care for children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses, and to provide support to healthcare professionals, families and lay caregivers.  Patch Academy is an online training platform created as an educational resource for all members of the multidisciplinary team providing care to babies, toddlers, children and young adults with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and conditions and to their families. Patch Academy provides online learning and certificate courses on the key elements of paediatric palliative care. The CPD accredited courses offer an interactive and immersive experience and encourage participants to reflect on their own experiences caring for children with palliative care needs. Short quizzes, activities, videos and revision exercises interspersed through the courses will help to hold your interest and to instill new knowledge.

  • Paediatric Epilepsy Training

PANDA SA, along with the UCT Department of Paediatrics and Child Health facilitates this British Paediatric Neurology Association course to upskill care for children with seizures from the point of entry into health care. Details about upcoming courses are available via the following link and posted on the PANDA site

  • Neurophysiology skills

             The Paediatric neurology and neurophysiology department offers an on-line handbook to upskill in basic EEG.
             The handbook is linked to a Diploma in basic EEG and management of Children with Epilepsy. For more details
              contact or