The SCAH is responsible for the Paediatric and Paediatric Surgery training of the Undergraduate medical students in the Health Sciences Faculty. In order to consolidate the learning, the curriculum is based on Core Topics which consist of two components: Must know - conditions that students must be able to manage themselves at a primary care level, and Must recognise - conditions that will require referral on.

The students are introduced to neonatology in their 3rd year and this is expanded in the 4th year.

In the 5th year there is an eight week block of paediatrics. This block is designed to provide a structured environment within which the students can learn paediatrics and paediatric surgery through clinical contact with patients, lectures and bedside tutorials. The students are variously based at Groote Schuur Hospital, Somerset Hospital and the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

In the 6th year there is a further eight week block during which the students cover general paediatrics, neonatology and surgery. The learning is based mainly on a service commitment whereby the students are intensively involved in the general management of patients - often referred to as Junior Interns. The students are variously placed at Groote Schuur, Somerset, Victoria Hospitals and the Red Cross Children's Hospital.