1.  Do you have a research project in mind? 
Please contact Gail Landers (gail.landers@uct.ac.za) for current Registrar Research Topics list.

2.  Identify a Supervisor and obtain commitment.

3.  Are you registered with UCT?  If not, register with UCT Online. 

4.  Develop research protocol -  Write a research proposal & synopsis

  • Write research proposal according to structure in Form FHS015 (consult FHS015hlp)
  • Write synopsis according to structure in Form FHS014

5.  Submission to the Department Research Committee (DRC) Office

See here

Geanine Hopley
Research Administrator (Paeds Research Office)
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town
email: geanine.hopley@uct.ac.za
ICH Building, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

6.  Submission to the Faculty of Health Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee (FHS HREC)

  • See here
  • Note: An electronic copy of your new application should always be available on request from the administrators.

Animal Research Ethics Committee

See here

7.  Application to Hospital Administration

See here

8.  Obtain approval of research proposal by Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB)
Following HREC approval, submit the following to fhs-pg@uct.ac.za at the postgraduate office, for
     approval by the DDB Chair:

  • HREC approval letter
  • Form D1 + D3 (Approval of study proposal form)
  • HREC approved research protocol

    Submission must be made prior to commencement of research and not later than 6- months after registration.