Unit profile | Clinical activities 

Dr Ronalda De Lacy 


Consultants: Dr Liz Goddard
  Dr. Ronalda De Lacey
Senior Registrar: Dr Zeenat Gaibee
Supernumerary Registrars: Dr Yahya Abdulkadir Sheikh Mohamud
Transplantation Medical Officers: Theresa Abdo
Taryn Pienaar
Dietitian: Shihaam Cader
Social Worker: Lynnette Slabbert


Contact Numbers CLINIC BOOKINGS 021-658-5002







Unit Profile

Paediatric Gastroenterology Department

  • Red Cross Childrens Hospital is the only dedicated Children's Hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa where specialist services are provided under one roof.
  • It provides multi disciplinary care at an international level while in a resource poor country.
  • The gastroenterology service sees a spectrum of disease from all over South Africa (inborn errors of metabolism storage diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, biliary atresia, HIV related GIT problems).
  • Gastroenterology is also involved in the care of children with cystic fibrosis together with pulmonology, physiotherapy and dietetics.
  • There is a dedicated GIT, liver transplant, food allergy and cystic fibrosis clinic once a week.
  • There are 6 GIT beds but many more patients are managed in the general wards on a referral / advisory basis.
    The clinics are in  S27, 1st floor, MOPD, Ward E2 and the administrative offices are on the 5th Floor of the ICH Building at the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

We also offer an endoscopic service which has a slate once a week doing gastroscopy (sclerotherapy and percutaneous gastrotomy insertion) and colonoscopy.

Paediatric hepatology

  • Patients are referred for liver biopsies, which is done under sedation percutaneously or with ultrasound guidance.
  • Patients are referred for assessment and further investigation for liver disease from all over South Africa.
  • We also take care of patient pre and post-liver transplant.
  • A liver transplant clinic is conducted once a week.

Paediatric nutrition

  • We liaise very closely with the dietetics department
  • A Nutrition round is conducted once a week where the dieticians discuss problem patients with us.
  • We also conduct a journal club once a week.

South African Training Centre

  • This is the only centre in South Africa that has a dedicated paediatric training post.
  • The Paediatric gastroenterology Certificate with the College of Medicine

Clinical Activities

Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nutrition Timetable:

Day Time Description Venue
Monday 08:00 Liver Transplant Clinic S27
  13:00 Social Round  
Tuesday 08:00 Surgical Meeting D3 LT
  09:00 Grand Round E2 
  11:00 GIT Journal Club  
  12:00 Ward Presentations E2
Wednesday 08:00 Department Clinical Meeting D3
  09:00 GIT Clinic S27
  12:00 Nutrition Ward Round  
  13:00 GIT Clinic E2
Thursday 08:00 Endoscopy Slate  
  11:00 Grand Round E2 
  12:00 Nutrition Journal Club  
  13:00 Pathology Meeting  
Friday 08:00 Liver Transplant Round S27
  09:00 Grand Round/Registrar Teaching E2 
  12:00 Case Presentations D3 LT