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Consultants A/Prof Diane Gray
(Clinical Head)
  A/Prof Aneesa Vanker aneesa.vanker@uct.ac.za
  Dr Marco Zampoli m.zampoli@uct.ac.za
Tracheostomy and Home ventilation

Sr Primrose Shabangu
Sr Noluthando Zibi


Admin staff Mrs. I Hector
(Pulmonology clinic)
Tel: (021) 658 5265
Ms V Flynn (CF clinic) Tel: (021) 658 5137
Trainees A fellowship in paediatric pulmonology is offered. Fellows from both South Africa and other African countries are trained on a rotational basis.

Current fellows: Dr Muntanga Mapani (APFP), Dr Zandiswa Nowalaza (senior registrar), Dr Norbertta Washaya (APFP), Dr Aamir Yassin (APFP)
Respiratory Technologists Mrs Ane Visagie (Clinical)
Mr Sipho Hlengwa (Research)
Part-time consultants Dr Shaakira Chaya
Dr Leah Githinji

Unit Profile

The paediatric pulmonology unit is a multidisciplinary team that includes paediatric pulmonology specialists, paediatricians, medical officers, paediatric pulmonology trainees, nurse practitioners, a research pharmacist, data capturer and data manager. There is a strong working relationship with other disciplines such as paediatric radiology, paediatric allergology, ENT, neurology, intensive care unit, allied health professions, cardiothoracic surgery and nuclear medicine departments.

Clinical activities

  1. Inpatient care and consultation: A senior-registrar and consultant team is available for consultations throughout the working week. Please direct consultation requests to the duty senior registrar by paging or by telephone:
    Red Cross Hospital Switchboard: (021) 658 5111- Mrs. L Hector: (021) 658 5265.

  2. Outpatient clinics include a weekly specialised respiratory clinic, a cystic fibrosis clinic, asthma clinic and a 6 monthly neuro-respiratory clinic.

  3. After hours consultation: The on-call consultant may be contacted through the Red Cross Children’s Hospital telephone exchange.
  4. Chest radiology meetings: A multidisciplinary meeting with paediatric radiology, general paediatrics and cardiothoracic surgery is held weekly.

  5. Breatheasy Programme - tracheostomy and ventilation Home care program and inpatient unit :  a multidisciplinary unit whose activities include training caregivers in comprehensive home-based care of children with tracheotomies and/or long-term ventilation. More info on The Breatheasy programme: childrenshospitaltrust.org.za

  6. Sleep studies: Assessment of airway obstruction and sleep disorders through is overnight oximetry or basic polysomnography.
  7. Pulmonary function tests: Basic pulmonary function tests are performed by a qualified respiratory technologist.
  8. Flexible Bronchoscopy is performed on regular basis.

Teaching and Training

The unit provides education and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students, including doctors specializing in paediatrics and paediatricians specialising in paediatric pulmonology. It is HPCSA accredited for training paediatricians in paediatric pulmonology in a 2 year training program with the College of Medicine (SA), Certificate in Paediatric Pulmonology exit examination. Recent successful trainees include Drs Alexia Kappos, Naisan Samadi and Gabaza Tiva.

There is also a programme to train paediatricians from other African countries as part of the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme. These trainees spend from 6 months to up to 2 years training in the paediatric pulmonology unit. African trainees in the past 5 years include: Francis Ogara (Kenya), Hellen Aanyu (Uganda), Lisa Obimbo (Kenya), Ada Ayuk (Nigeria) and Leah Githinji (Kenya), Ann Irungu (Kenya) and Wilson Osarogiagbon (Nigeria). A post graduate diploma in paediatric pulmonology is available through the University of Cape Town. The unit also provides supervision and mentorship to a number of post graduate students undertaking Masters or PhD projects. Members of the unit have a strong involvement in continuing medical education initiatives nationally and internationally and in national, African and international professional societies. Members are actively involved in the production and dissemination of national and international guidelines on different aspects of child lung health.

There is an active national training program for the caregivers of children with tracheostomies, to enable home care of children.


The unit has a long history of involvement in advocacy for child health. Current contributions include guideline development and implementation, serving on national and international advisory boards for child health and involvement in initiatives concerned with raising the profile of child lung health.

Division Highlights

Members of the division are involved in a wide range of paediatric pulmonology related activities. Professor Zar is the current President of the Pan African Thoracic Society and on the Forum of International Respiratory Societies.  She was the first paediatrician to receive the World Lung Health award in 2014.

Dr Zampoli is the current chair of the SA Cystic Fibrosis Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee and treasurer of  the South African Pediatric Society (SAPA). Dr Vanker serves as the paediatric pulmonology representative on the South African Thoracic Society and Dr Gray a previous recipient of a Wellcome Trust Fellowship has been integral in developing infant lung function testing in South Africa.


The division has developed one of the strongest clinical research programs in South Africa focused on childhood respiratory illnesses particularly childhood pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV-associated lung disease and asthma. Clinical research sites have been established at Red Cross Children's Hospital, New Somerset Hospital, Paarl hospital, primary care clinics in Khayelitsha and in the Drakenstein (Paarl) area. There is strong collaboration with basic science laboratories (especially the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine (IIDMM) at UCT) and with public health researchers, enabling translational programs. Prof Zar is the only member of the Paediatric Department and one of 3 women at UCT to have received an A-rating from the National Research Foundation, indicating her standing as a leading international scholar.

Research has been supported by several international funding agencies (European Developing Country Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller foundation, National Institute of Health, USA) and national agencies (MRC, NRF, Discovery Foundation, South African Thoracic Society, Allergy Society of SA). The MRC Unit on Child and Adolescent Health undertakes translational research focused on priority childhood diseases including  Childhood TB, childhood pneumonia and lung disease in adolescent HIV-infected children: a 5 year NIH sponsored diagnostic study on improved immunological and microbiologic strategies for childhood TB, an EDCTP funded diagnostic study focused on improved diagnosis of childhood TB in primary care settings and a Gates Foundation funded birth cohort study, the Drakenstein Child Health Study to investigate the determinants of childhood pneumonia and of chronic lung disease.

Sub-studies of the Drakenstein child lung health study include early determinants of infant lung function and its relationship to respiratory disease early in childhood; psychosocial aspects focused on maternal and child health and neurodevelopment; and the role of indoor air pollution and environmental tobacco smoke on lung health.

Other current projects include studies of the aetiology and outcome of lower respiratory tract infections in children, a study of B pertussis in hospitalised children and an extended rotavirus surveillance study.  The division was also awarded an MRC Unit on Child and Adolescent Health. 

Current studies include:

  1. Drakenstein Child Health Study (DCHS)
  2. Cape Town Adolescent Antiretroviral Cohort (CTAAC) Study
  3. MRC TB-Child

Examples of publications in the past 2 years include:

  • Muloiwa R, Dube FS, Nicol MP, Zar HJ, Hussey GD. Incidence and Diagnosis of Pertussis in South African Children Hospitalized with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2016 Mar 10. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 26967813.

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