The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital Trauma Unit opened on the 18th of May 1984. It is part of the Department of Paediatric Surgery, which is part of the School of Child and Adolescent Health. The School of Child & Adolescent Health is one of the schools within the University of Cape Town.

The Red Cross Trauma Unit is the only separate trauma unit for children in South Africa, and currently sees and treats approximately 10.000 children every year (Patient Profile). A large variety of injuries present to our unit, the majority of patients are discharged after treatment, while approximately 20% of all patients are admitted to our high care Trauma Admission Ward. In 2004 we renovated our unit in order to upgrade it as part of the general upgrade of the hospital. Translocation to the east-wing of the hospital was an essential part of it. The main reason for this move was to be closer to our colleagues from the Medical emergency department, and to come more in line with the international Accident and Emergency Units. (Unit Profile)


As part of the upgrade we were able to acquire a newly developed digital imaging device (Lodox®). The most common initially performed special investigations in our unit are radiographs.