Lodox® is a newly designed digital X-ray imaging device.Lodox® is an acronym, and stands for: LOw DOse X-rays. A full body image can be achieved with 25% radiation of conventional imaging methods, and the device is specifically aimed at the need of emergency centers.







The main advantages of the LODOX are:

  • Low Dose radiation: 25% of conventional methods, which is particular of major advantage in the field of pediatrics.
  • Speed: Whole body scanning process achieved in 13 seconds

Additional advantages are:

  • User friendliness: The device automatically computes X-ray parameters such as: Resolution, kVs and mA
  • Image processing facilities: which preclude time-consuming repetition of poor quality X-rays due to under- or over-exposure.

This device is an invention of DEBEX (subsidiary of De Beers). A new company (African Medical Imaging) has been recently established with funding of the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. Red Cross is the ideal testing place for the paediatric use of LODOX in South Africa, for the obvious reasons of its high international status as well as it being the only academical paediatric hospital in Africa.












  • Lodox picture showing whole body image of a 2-year-old MVA (motor vehicle accident) passenger.
  • A spiral CT-scanner is present immediately next to the Trauma Unit on the same floor.