Vera Hlayisi made it to the Mail & Guardian Top 200 List

08 Jul 2019
Vera-Genevey Hlayisi
08 Jul 2019

Our very own, Vera-Genevey Hlayisi, was shortlisted and made it to the top 200 young South Africans for 2019 under the health category, from more than 6000 nominations,

The Mail & Guardian’s annual feature of eminent 200 Young South Africans excelling in various fields, has become a hallmark of the South African calendar. This is a prestigious list of trailblazing youth leaders under 35 across different sectors from civil society, education, art, business, politics, etc.

Every year since 2006, Mail and Guardian has identified 200 extraordinary young South Africans, on course to touch the world with their greatness and began with celebrating the likes of our current Vice Chancellor, Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng. These awards have since become a mark of distinction, a celebration of excellence and have overtime gained significance as a forecaster of the future leaders of the country. 

As the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, we are proud of her work within the department and in her respective professional body, Audiology. She was nominated mainly for her work as a managing member of the South African Association of Audiologists as well as her research contributions through national and international platforms. Presence in such events and being included in such highly acclaimed national lists is important as it showcases the caliber in our team (DHRS) nationally and highlights that we (DHRS) value excellence. Congratulations Vera-Genevey!