I'm enjoying every minute of being a Speech and Language Therapist. Thanks to UCT! At first it was a mission and a half. I had to run after medical managers, going to communities to promote Speech Therapy, as they have neve r had a speech therapist before. Right now I'm really happy with the work I have done in this district. I think the best part is seeing the results. Being placed in a rural hospital is really difficult but the community appreciates everything. There are so many patients I have who have made noticeab le improvements and they make my day. Bathobile Mdladla, SLP Graduate 2009

"What I enjoyed about doing my degree at UCT is that everything was very hands on! We were exposed to so much. So I felt that I was well equipped when it came to dealing with both children and adults. I'm finding all the prevention and promotion activities so helpful- being in Swaziland that it what I have been doing for a better part of the year. I've joined up with another therapist here and we have been running autism support groups- this was made so much easier for me because of the promotion blocks we did. It feels like I am making some kind of difference. Zinhle Maphalala, SLP Graduate 2009

I enjoy all the challenges that the profession has. UCT has equipped me not only in offering high quality patient care, but also on how to work in a team, promote the profession and deal with many related patient issues. The hands on approach at UCT allows you to develop skills from the beginning under the guidance of top quality lecturers and clinical educators. I am proud to be a speech therapist and proud that I am a UCT graduate. Jessica Smith, SLP Graduate 2008

"The high level of academic and clinical training and professionalism I experienced during my Undergraduate studies led me to come back to UCT to undertake my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology." Divya Bissessur, SLP Graduate 2008

I am so proud to be a UCT graduate! I feel academically prepared... proved well throughout my community service year. I would love to go back to UCT and do my Masters in Occupational Audiology. Leilani Mitchell, Audiology graduate, 2008.

When I went overseas after completing my degree, I soon realised that at UCT we are prepared extremely well for our field of work and that we can work efficiently in any environment. Friderike Schmidt von Wuhlisch, SLP Graduate, 2007.

I work with communication and swallowing in ventilated patients in critical care. The gifts of foundation, grounding and adaptability that I received at UCT have helped me not only to cope, but to grow and contribute in different and even unfamiliar clinical settings early on in my clinical career. This is not specific to me - it is something I have observed in my colleagues too. I appreciate the value of what often felt like a long hard slog of a degree, and am forever grateful when I compare the training I received here compared to what I have observed of other institutions and countries. It was of a world class standard. Emma Dodd, SLP Graduate, 2007.