Nursing research pyramid

Diagram Descriptors

HIV and Palliative Care

We regard HIV issues and Supportive & Palliative  Care as being broad cross-cutters for many research questions in Nursing and Midwifery. 


We have a specific focus on Nephrology research, especially chronic kidney disease, which is highly prevalent in the South African population.

Maternal and Child Care

Maternal and Child care covers the continuum of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, and the early 4-6 week post birth period. We subscribe to a Midwifery Model of Care where skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate midwives work in partnership with women and their families to promote healthy pregnancy and normal physiological birth, to support the mother-infant dyad, and to facilitate the family to develop the new relationships brought about by the birth of a new member. Midwifery includes family planning and the provision of reproductive health services, is delivered in hospital settings and communities, and Midwifery services are a core part of universal health coverage care.

Gender-Based Violence and 

Forensic Nursing

The research focus of Gender based violence ​(GBV) ​is on understanding GBV conceptually, addressing issues around power ​and control in relationships, supporting survivors and exploring interventions that address perpetrat​ion of GBV. ​Some structural issues around gender and violence ​are explored, as are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions and how these intersect with mental health. 

Forensic nursing explores the assessment and care given to those who have been exposed to or experienced GBV and what care is needed to assist survivors in moving forward from the trauma.