We develop innovative and inclusive practices through partnerships with higher education institutions, corporates, non-governmental organisations/civil society and government sectors to advance the everyday lives of persons with disability, their families and communities. We focus on practices that can bring about change in institutions, policy, service delivery and education curricula.

SIGNATURE PROJECT: Inclusion for Social Justice

Disability Inclusive Workforce Development

Nominee for Zero Praject 2020: EDUCATION

 Workforce development drives change on Disability Inclusion

In HIGHER EDUCATION we focus on :

Curriculum change aims to change the hearts and minds of the workforce by creating innovative practices for  disability inclusion in  learning programmes. It  engages lecturers, future engineers, doctors,  community workers, nurses, lawyers , managers/leaders/decisionmakers, ICT, scientists, therapists, teachers, social workers in learning about disability inclusion in their field of work.

Psychosocial support for students with mental illness.

Globally, the prevalence of university students living with a debilitating mental illness or psychological stress, anxiety and depression  is high. South Africa is no different and better  co-ordinated programmes are desperately /urgently needed to support the wellness of  people with psychosocial disabilities  achieve their educational goals. By developing a disability-inclusive environment that enables  personal recovery, we aim to increase the retention of students with psychosocial disabilities in the higher education sector, and facilitate their optimal participation and transition to dignified work.