The Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders has an active research programme which includes a strong presence in local research as well as publishing and presenting on the international stage.

Research in the Division focuses on both theoretical questions and clinical needs in relation to speech, language, hearing, communication and swallowing. The Division is a key driver of The National Speech and Language Project (Chaired by A/Prof Shajila Singh) which aims to develop resources for use by SLPs and Audiologists for South African speakers of all languages.

Academic staff research interests are summarised below.

Prof Harsha Kathard

  • Communication in classrooms
  • Fluency
  • Occupational audiology
  • Service delivery
  • Disability

Assoc. Prof Lebogang Ramma

  • Classroom Acoustics
  • Health policy and service delivery issues in the public health system
  • Noise-induced hearing loss and epidemiology of hearing loss

Assoc. Prof Shajila Singh

  • Dysphagia
  • Paediatric Dysphagia
  • Service delivery

Dr Michelle Pascoe

  • Intervention for children with speech, language and literacy difficulties.
  • Application of psycholinguistic frameworks to assessment and intervention.
  • Development of speech, language and literacy assessments appropriate for use with South African populations

Lucretia Petersen

  • Audiological monitoring and service delivery relating to ototoxicity
  • Neonatal and infant hearing screening
  • Audiology education and curriculum

Christine Rogers

  • Vestibular assessment and management
  • Geriatric balance disorders, falls and fall prevention.
  • Vestibulo-toxicity

Vivienne Norman

  • Paediatric dysphagia
  • Early Communication Intervention