Audiology is the profession dealing with the management of hearing, hearing impairment and deafness, noise measurement and control, vestibular assessment and management, cerumen management and cochlear implants. An Audiolo gist diagnoses hearing loss and initiates rehabilitation to help clients cope with everyday communicative demands, including the selection and fitting of hearing aids, emotional, linguistic and cognitive functioning in their home, work and social environment. Aural rehabilitation may involve working with adults and children, and educating and developing the skills of caregivers, educators and other family members. Audiologists also measure and manage exposure to noise in the work environment to help prevent hearing loss.

Audiologists work with individuals, groups and communities of all ages, not only on assessment and remediation of hearing and balance difficulties, but also in promoting health and preventing disability. Audiologists may work in pre-schools, schools, special schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, community clinics or private practice. Students who can speak languages in addition to English will find these languages a very important asset.

If you are passionate about communication and want to make a difference in peoples' lives then this may be the career for you! The field offers wide clinical and research opportunities.