MSc by coursework and dissertation

Duly performed (DP) requirements

Attendance of teaching commitment for two full weeks per semester per course. In exceptional circumstances students will be permitted to miss a maximum of 10% of the lectures for a course with prior arrangement.



1.       Each course convener will determine the appropriate form of assessment in that course. Such assessments could consist of some combination of assignments, a semester project, poster presentations, oral assessments and a final examination. The examination carries 50% of the assessment weight. A pass mark of 50% is required for each course with a 40% sub-minimum for each of the assessments that contribute to the course marks.

2.       No supplementary examinations will be offered. A deferred examination may be granted where applicable, e.g. on medical grounds.

3.       Candidates may be allowed to repeat a course they have failed, at the convener's discretion. No course may be repeated more than once.

4.       A candidate failing a core course twice, or who fails any two courses will be asked to withdraw from the programme.

5.       The minor dissertation will be marked by two examiners, both external to the University. A pass mark of 50% is required.


Distinction requirements
In the case of a degree by coursework and dissertation, the degree shall be awarded with distinction where a candidate:

a.       obtains an average mark of 75% for both components; and

b.      obtains at least 70% for each component.


MSc by dissertation only

1.       Students registering for the dissertation only option are required to have completed a postgraduate level course in research methodology prior to beginning work on their dissertation.

2.       A candidate registered for the degree by dissertation only will be eligible for the award of the degree upon the acceptance by the Senate of a dissertation on an approved topic embodying research and produced under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Senate.

3.       A candidate who has not submitted the required dissertation within five years will not be permitted to register for another year unless the head of the Division concerned recommends accordingly on grounds of satisfactory progress.

4.       The degree may be awarded with distinction (75% - 100%).