Disability Inclusion Drives Change

Let’s look at disability in Africa

Africa is a vibrant melting pot of cultures with a growing youth population. More importantly, Africa is home to 300 million persons living with disability. The burden of disease in Africa, specifically, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic lifestyle conditions such as strokes, diabetes and cancer have all contributed to the increasing numbers of people who are disabled. Additionally, the impacts of poverty, violence and injury have left many vulnerable.

It is against this backdrop the Inclusive Practices Africa (IPA)’s primary objective was born. IPA’s goal is to ultimately reduce inequality caused by disability.

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Disability inclusion in perspective

A person’s functioning may be affected by a variety of factors including sensory (vision, hearing), physical, communication impairments, mental illness and intellectual impairment. While people have functional limitations—they become disabled when their capabilities and/or strengths are not recognised.

In a society structured to mainly provide opportunities for able-bodied people, Persons with Disability may encounter many barriers which stops/restricts their full participation in all aspects of life. These barriers negatively impact people’s lives because they exclude a large percentage of the population.

IPA’s goal is to understand, investigate and eradicate these barriers.

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