IPA communicates and influences various groupings and organisations through


Disability Catalyst http://www.dhrs.uct.ac.za

Keynote Addresses and Presentations

Prof Roshan Galvaan (2019) Generative Disruption through Occupation, Occupational Science Europe

Prof Theresa Lorenzo (2019) Creating a responsive workforce for inclusive development, National Rehabilitation Conference, Cape Town.

Prof Harsha Kathard (2019) Decolonising professional education: a reflection

Working with  Organisations and Governments in South Africa, Africa and Internationally


CBM : Developing education programmes for training therapists  in Madagascar and Zimbabwe for sustainable services to PWD

Epilepsy South Africa and QASA: supporting monitoring of Disability Inclusion  

League of Friends of the Blind: Inclusion through Communication for Learning


Pilot Project for RCW training: Western Cape Dept of Health

Northern Cape Government: Facilitating leadership thinking on Inclusion in systems planning

Continuing Professional Development activities: For teachers, health professionals and Justice system