The degree provides the opportunity for a candidate to undertake independent research and advanced study under the guidance of a supervisor, building on previous knowledge gained in a particular subject area at Masters level. The thesis presented must constitute a substantial contribution to knowledge in the chosen subject and may embody only the original work of the candidate.

The programme is designed to enable students to acquire both methodological sophistication and substantive knowledge appropriate to a discipline. The PhD programme is designed to encourage the study of substantive concerns, methodological approaches, and research and communication skills necessary either for employment or for further independent research.

The proposed research should fall into the research focus areas of the Division of Nursing and Midwifery.

  • Selection criteria

    • A recognised Masters degree in Nursing, Midwifery or a related discipline
    • Registration as a professional nurse
    • A suitable concept document – see here for guidelines
    • Proposed research should be within the Division’s Research Focus areas
  • Duration

    A minimum of two years full time study.

  • Research setting

    • Research may be undertaken in South Africa or in the country of an international candidate.
    • If an international candidate wishes to conduct clinical research in South Africa, they will need to be registered as a nurse and/or midwife (as appropriate) with the South African Nursing Council.
  • Research approval

    • Research studies may not commence until the Faculty of Health Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee approval is granted, and the necessary permissions from research settings / institutions.
    • In the case of international students, in addition to UCT research ethics approval, they will need to get research ethics approval from a local (in-country) higher education or research institution, as required by the country concerned.