Associate Professor Shajila Singh

A/Prof Shajila Singh


PhD. Northwestern University.  USA

MA.  Speech-Language Pathology.  Northwestern University. USA.

B. Speech and Hearing Therapy.  University of KwaZulu Natal.


Speech Language Pathology

Teaching area

Adult Dysphagia; Adult Motor Speech

Teaching courses

Adult dysphagia & motor speech; Acquired Neurogenic language disorders; Voice; Sign Language

Research Area/focus

Adults with swallowing difficulties
Creation of linguistically and culturally relevant professional material – including technology

Research Interests

  • Dysphagia Paediatric
  • Dysphagia TB
  • HIV/AIDS Service delivery


  • HPCSA – Speech Language and Hearing Professions Education Committee; Maintenance of Licence Task Team
  • American Speech Language Hearing Association – member, ccc-slp
  • South African Speech Language Hearing Association - African Connections Project
  • Council on Higher Education – Accreditation Committee


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