Olebeng Mahura

Lecturer, Speech & Language Therapy



Teaching area

Speech and language difficulties in children

Teaching courses

Child speech; Seminars in communication sciences

Research Interests

Speech sound development in children acquiring Setswana

Current research

Supervision of undergraduate and master's research projects, with a special focus on developing resources and normative data for indigenous languages spoken in South Africa.

Awards & Honours

NRF Grant recipient




Research Gate

Pascoe, M., Mahura, O. & Le Roux, J. (2018). South African English speech development: Preliminary data from typically developing pre-school children in Cape Town. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 10.1080/02699206.2018.1510985.

Pascoe, M., & Mahura, O. (2017, December). Acquisition of South African English by three-to five-year-old children in Cape Town. In International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2017 (p. 234).

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Mahura, O. O., & Pascoe, M. (2016). The acquisition of Setswana segmental phonology in children aged 3.0– 6.0 years: A cross-sectional study. International journal of speech-language pathology18(6), 533-549.

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