Yolinda van der Nest


I am trained as a nurse and midwife and specialize in nephrology nursing. My Masters’ dissertation analysed records of post-haemodialysis blood results to assess nephrology nurse’s adherence to guidelines for End-Stage Renal Disease.  I believe chronic kidney disease is an area that needs urgent attention and had noticed that patients did not always achieve their outcomes and wanted to investigate this and identify ways in which the renal and dialysis teams, together with other health care service providers could work together to support better outcomes.  I am currently pursuing my PhD which investigates nursing education in the primary health care renal setting.

I am committed to shaping and moulding nephrology nurses into positive change agents in clinical practice through education, research and mentorship. As nurses we are uniquely positioned at the hub/center of the patient experience, and I believe we have a lot to contribute to chronic kidney disease research and treatment. I am also curious about the potential collaboration between occupational therapy and nursing in terms of ward programmes for dialysis patients and would like to connect with interested colleagues. Lastly, I am interested in health sciences curriculum development, and I am part of departmental team that is exploring decolonization of the curriculum.


MSc Nursing Science UCT

BCur Ed et Admin UJ

PG Diploma Nephrology Nursing Science NMMU

Occupational Health Nursing Wits

Four Year Comprehensive Diploma in General Nursing, Community Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Midwifery UJ


ORCID: 0000-0002-6140-6966