Lucretia Petersen

Senior Lecturer, Audiology


MSc Audiology

Teaching area

Adult diagnostics, Rehabilitation technology, Otoacoustic emissions

Teaching courses

Diagnostic Audiology; Rehabilitation Technology

Research Interests

Diagnostic audiology and adult management

  • Ototoxicity (epidemiology, screening, diagnostics, management)
  • Sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tools
  • Otoacoustic emissions (diagnostic tool)
  • High frequency audiometry (reliability and validity)
  • Hearing aid satisfaction, benefit and QOL
  • Development, translation, validation of self-evaluation scales into indigenous languages
  • Cochlear implant program: diagnostics,  development/ adaptation of assessment tools

Awards & Honours

NRF C2 Rating (2014); NRF/Swedish Foundation for International Collaboration in Research & Higher Education (STINT) Science and Technology Collaboration (2018–2020).


  • South African Association Audiologists Management Committee
  • International Society of Audiology Regional Representative
  • ASHA International Affiliate
  • Coalition for Global Hearing Health member


Research Gate

Twitter: @ResearchOAEs

Petersen, L., Wilson, W.J., & Kathard, H. (Accepted February 2018). Towards the preferred stimulus paramaters for distortion product otoacoustic emissions in adults: a preliminary study. South African Journal of Communication Disorders

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