Liesl Peters

Senior Lecturer



BSc (OccTher) UCT

MSc Occupational Therapy UCT


I graduated as an occupational therapist in 2002 and completed a year of compulsory post-qualification community service at a district level hospital in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Thereafter I worked as the primary occupational therapist at a residential facility for elderly individuals. Concurrently I offered my services voluntarily at a University of Cape Town practice demonstration site known as Facing Up, working with youth at risk in a disadvantaged community on the Cape Flats in Cape Town. In 2006 I joined the Occupational Therapy Division at UCT as a clinical educator. Later I took on a role as a lecturer in the Division. I was a contributor to the new community development practice curriculum at UCT as it was being co-developed. I have co-authored a framework for occupational therapy practice within community development settings (the Occupation-based Community Development framework), led by Prof. Roshan Galvaan. A key element in our work and in the development of this framework has been, and continues to be, a focus on the translation of occupational science knowledge into occupational therapy practice. At the heart of this work is a central commitment to and focus on equity and justice. I have always been intrigued and interested in human beings and what makes them think and act the way that they do, and how this relates to a deep human need for justice and equity. The belief that people are infinitely capable given the right circumstances, drives me to consider how I could contribute to developing the spaces and opportunities people need to develop to their full potential. Enacting and facilitating our creative potential as collectives is a key passion and driving force behind this work.

Areas of Interest

Community development practice, Youth, Equity and Justice

Current Research Projects

Pathways, through opportunity, towards social inclusion: A multicase study of marginalized young womxn in post-apartheid South Africa.

Occupational Therapy Curriculum and Socially-transformative practice

Exploring decolonial transdisciplinary practice

Research Gate


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