Feroza Cassim

Clinical Educator



BSc Occupational Therapy UCT


Feroza Cassim graduated with her BSc in Occupational Therapy at UCT in 2012. After completing her community service in the Western Cape at a secondary specialist psychiatric facility her interest in mental health care led her to explore gaining further experience in mental health care projects in the non-profit sector. This involved co-ordinating a special project under the premier’s office which saw the opening of group homes for adults with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour; a first of its kind for the province. Conducting informal research through a census for the group home project and having a passion for developing others along with the opportunity to supervise occupational therapy students at UCT for many years led to her current position and interests in higher education. More specifically, in mental health care concerning occupational therapy and the training of occupational therapy students. Feroza is a masters degree candidate in occupational therapy with a purpose of continuing to understand the needs of the students in the discipline of occupational therapy through her research.

Areas of Interest

Mental health & psychiatry, curriculum development, student development & support.

Current Research Projects

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the learning experiences of Occupational Therapy students during practice learning in mental health care settings.