Dr Pam Gretschel

Senior Lecturer



BSc Occupational Therapy Stell 

Masters in Early Childhood Intervention UP

PhD Occupational Therapy UCT


Pam Gretschel is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy Division. She has worked in a variety of settings, within the public and private sector, across Health and Education. She now practices in the field of Child Learning, Development and Play with a focus on the occupational engagement of children in context and family centred practice. She convenes the shared research methods course for undergraduate students, chairs the Departmental Research Committee and has supervised several postgraduate students.

Area of Interest

Family centered practice, occupational engagement of children in context, research methods

Current Research Projects

Developing an interdisciplinary, caregiver coaching teaching module: Descriptions of and Reflections on the process

The impact of a play-based teaching on learning readiness for formal schooling: a rapid review protocol

Caregiving coaching strategies used by Health and Rehabilitation Professionals in the Global South: A scoping review protocol



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