Dr Christine Rogers

Senior Lecturer, Audiology





Christine is an audiology lecturer and remains a keen clinician.  Her teaching and research centres primarily around assessment and rehabilitation of balance and vestibular disorders.  Christine is also interested in patient-practitioner communication, patient-centred care and the psychological aspects of balance disorders.  Recently she completed two post-graduate medico-legal courses.  Christine is lucky enough to have combined her love of teaching across the health science professions with travel, and has taught by invitation on three continents.  Christine designed and continues to direct the South African Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation Course, which has underpinned the growth of vestibular rehabilitation in South Africa.  She serves as a reviewer for several prestigious international journals.

Teaching area

Academic and clinical teaching of vestibular management

Research interest

Christine is interested in exercise-based interventions to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls; diagnosis of vestibular disorders, the impact of living with vestibular disorders and mental health challenges faced by audiology patients.  She has supervised several award-winning Master’s degrees, and continues to supervise both audiology and physiotherapy Masters and doctoral students.

Professional memberships

Currently a member of the South African Association of Audiologists (and is incoming chair of the Ethics and Standards Committee); PainSA, the American Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy, the South African Medico-Legal Association and the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society. 


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