Assoc Prof Sheila Clow

Senior Lecturer

I never cease to be amazed at the changes that women undergo during pregnancy and the adaptations they and their newborns make. Fort this reason I am committed to physiological birth supporting women and babies in achieving the best birth experience they can. My particular clinical focus is on intrapartum (childbirth) care, which is embedded in maternal and child health and family support within health systems. For this reason, I am passionate about strengthening our health systems to support mothers and their infants, during this critical stage. My PhD focused on improving intrapartum care for woman in rural areas, in recognition of their limited access to health services. I believe that research should be contextually responsive and has the potential to help us better understand how our context impacts Nursing and Midwifery services and vice versa.

More recently, my research interests have expanded to include vulnerable populations who experience challenges accessing appropriate maternal health services. These include migrants/refugees, disabled people, and adolescents whose challenges are exacerbated by stigma. I believe nurses and midwives are the absolute bedrocks in the functioning of the health system and have much to contribute towards the development of safe, acceptable, accessible, and cost-effective maternal and newborn health services. My current research which is an international collaboration explores midwife- led birthing centres in Low- and Middle-Income countries (LMIC), and how these can be adapted and customized for use in countries where currently such services do not exist.




BSocSc (Nursing) AUDNE RN RM CHN


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