Assoc Prof Amshuda Sonday

Master’s Program Convener



BSc Occupational Therapy UWC

Master’s in Early Childhood Intervention UP

PhD Occupational Therapy UCT


I am an Associate Professor in the Division of Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town. My teaching and learning focus are on neurophysical rehabilitation, both in pediatrics and adults.  My research takes a critical decolonial perspective on the development of professional identities of occupational therapists in Post-Apartheid South Africa. The key findings of my PhD study are how occupational therapists enact agency. Professional role transgression is one mechanism used to enact agency against structural hegemonies. I offer socially responsive leadership as a member of the OTASA Education committee.

Areas of Interest

Severe disabilities, Professional identities, transgression, role transitions

Current Research Projects

Integrated literature review on professional identities

Professional role transition of occupational therapists in African countries

Digital story telling as a reflective tool in professional identity development



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