Jane le Roux

Senior Clinical Educator, Speech & Language Therapy


BSc (Logopaedics) UCT 

M(ECI) Pretoria


ECI, Speech, language and literacy difficulties in children

Teaching area

School-age Intervention: Language and literacy

Teaching courses

School based interventions; Clinical Speech Therapy




Pascoe, M., Mahura, O. & Le Roux, J. (2018). South African English speech development: Preliminary data from typically developing pre-school children in Cape Town. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 10.1080/02699206.2018.1510985.

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Pascoe, M., Harty, M. & Le Roux, J (2015). “Language, learning and literacy in the classroom”.Speech-language therapy in a school context: Principles and practices. Editors: Kathard, H. and Moonsamy, S. Publishers: Van Schaik.