Professor Harsha Kathard

Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders. Research director: Inclusive Practices Africa Research Unit


B Sp. & Hear Therapy 

M. Sp Path 



Harsha is a NRF rated scientist (C2). She is a speech-language therapist and audiologist with a research focus on communication challenges  and supports in marginalised communities, innovations in service delivery, workforce, professions and professionalisation; disability inclusion in health, education and economies, decoloniality, curriculum change. She has served as Head of Department: Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Interim Head  Health Sciences Education, Acting Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Education) Faculty of Health Sciences and Co-founder of Disability Innovations Africa.

Teaching area  

Communication Sciences and Disorders  Fluency; school based interventions; service delivery; community practice , research

Health Sciences Education; Curriculum change; decolonisation

Disability Studies : disability inclusion; decolonisation, research methods

Research interest

Disability Inclusion in Health, Education, Economy; Inclusive Curriculum,  equitable population based service delivery

Professional memberships

Editorial Board: Pilot and Feasibility Studies


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