Lunchtime Lecture

  • 2022

    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    Tuesday, 2nd August
    Topic: Family violence: A family-centred perspective

    Speaker: Dr Jill Ryan
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    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    Tuesday, 26th July
    Title: A proposal to strengthen Child and Adolescent Mental Health services in the Western Cape
    Speaker: Dr's Rene Nassen, Stella Mokitimi, Simphiwe Simelane
    Recording of lecture


    Social Responsiveness Lecture - Loren Leclezio lecture
    Tuesday, 7th June 
    The Foundations of Autistic Flourishing
    Speaker: Professor Liz Pellicano
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    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    Tuesday, 10th May 
    Title: ‘The Systems Work of Social Change: How to Harness Connection, Context, and Power to Cultivate Deep and Enduring Change.’

    Speaker: Cynthia Rayner
    Recording of lecture here
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    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    5th April 
    The Gut-Brain Axis: in relation to its structure, function, mucus secretion and microbiota
    Speaker: Emeritus Professor Anwar Suleman Mall
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    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    1st March 2022
    Working with trauma in a country in trauma and a time of covid: working through grief and loss to find resilience
    Speaker: Valarie Sinason
    Recording of lecture here

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    22nd February 2022
    Title: Public mental health: the case, challenges and opportunities
    Speaker: Prof Jonathan Campion
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    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    8th February 2022
    Infant Mental Health Practice & Education: Perspectives from South Africa
    Speaker: Anusha Lachman
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  • 2021

    9th November 2021

    Alan J. Flisher Memorial Lecture
    Title: Scars that run deep: Pervasive and pathogenic impact of trauma and PTSD

    Speakers: Prof Soraya Seedat
    Recording of the event


    5th October 2021
    Problems of Living:  Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Cognitive-Affective Science
    Speakers: Dan Stein and Peter Smith
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    7th September 2021
    Social Responsiveness Lecture
    Title: The Collaborative Counselling Strategy
    Speaker: Waseem Hawa
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    31st August 2021
    Social Responsiveness lecture
    Title: Caring for children, adolescents and their families with chronic life-threatening health conditions

    Speaker: Marc Hendricks
    Recording available on YouTube

    24th August 2021
    Departmental Research Day
    Title: Ethics in Mental Health Research
    Speakers: Marc Blockman, Jantina De Vries, Olivia Matshabane
    Venue: Zoom 
    Programme overview

    25th June 2021
    Transformation Symposium
    Title: History Matters. A Symposium Exploring the Impact of Historical Racial Legacies on the Functioning of Institutions

    Symposium overview and programme
    Recording of Symposium on YouTube Part 1 and Part 2

    15th June 2021
    Speakers: Lisa Dannatt, Florencia Manns Fuenzalida, Vincent Zishiri
    Title: Drug use prevention and harm reduction among youth through peer-to-peer education

    Short Bio and programme
    Available on Youtube here


    Loren Leclezio Lecture
    1st June 2021
    Speaker: Lionel Green-Thompson
    Title: To whom shall we account
    Available on Youtube here

    Deans | University of Cape Town

    25th May 2021
    Speaker: Ingrid Daniels (CEO of Cape Mental Health)
    Title: Social welfare consequences of the COVID -19 pandemic and its impact on    communities – finding some solutions
    Available on Youtube here

    Ingrid Daniels | The World Dignity Project

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    13 April 2021
    Speaker: Prof Michael Berk
    Title: Prevention of depression
    Available on youtube here 

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    9th March 2021
    Speaker: Dr Tahilia Rebello
    Title: Update on ICD-11
    Available on YouTube here


    2nd March 2021
    Speaker: Emeritus Prof Colleen Adnams
    Title: Intellectual and Developmental Disability: a current international outlook